Tall Ships Youth Trust are looking for a Freelance Skipper to work on their Challenger Yachts, Catamaran and Ketch.

Successful applicant must have completed a Tall Ships Suitability / DBS Check.

Manning Requirements

• Yachtmaster Offshore (with Commercial Endorsement)
• ML5 or ENG1
• MCA Approved Elementary First Aid Certificate
• VHF Radio License
• Powerboat Level 2
• Long Range Radio Operators License
• Medical Care Aboard Ship
• Diesel Engine Course or Equivalent
• Radar Operation Certificate

Literate in word processing and spreadsheet applications
Competent in the exchange and storing of electronic data

Special Aptitudes
An ability to work with young people from diverse backgrounds
An ability to lead the vessels Mate, Volunteer Crew and Voyage Crew
An ability to achieve training targets
Able to manage all aspects of the vessels organisation
An ability to instil and achieve the highest standards of safety and environmental awareness
Able to conduct personal assessments and performance appraisals
Good communication skills, both orally and in writing
Able to act with tact and diplomacy
Able to maintain commercial and personal confidentiality

Physical Abilities
Physically fit and hold a valid ENG 1 medical certificate

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