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The date for applications to take part in the 2020 International Exchanges has been extended to 31 January 2020.  The INTERVIEW DATE for 2020 International Exchange places will be on Thursday 20 February 2020 in London.

During 2019 two candidates took part in the UK to Canada exchange and 1 UK to Australia. In addition two Canadians took part in an exchange on an ASTO UK vessel.

If you are interested in taking part next year why not take a look at the Past Exchange Reports link to the left of this page to find out what a great experience this is. Check the criteria below to see if you are eligible and then get your application in during December 2019.

If you've experienced the thrill and adventure of Sail Training in the UK and would like the opportunity to explore Sail Training in other continents, then you may be interested in the International exchanges that take place each year between Sail Training organisations in the UK, Canada and Australia.

The exchanges are organised by ASTO, the UK Sail Training national body. who invite people aged between 18 and 25 to apply to participate in the scheme and sail on the far side of the world! If you wish to be considered for the International Exchanges please follow the instructions below, specifically the Criteria for Participation and get your application in. 

The Australian scheme is funded by ASTO and provides an annual scholarship to a British person who has sailed on a UK Sail Training vessel. The scholarship funds the successful trainee to travel to (and from) Australia and complete two consecutive 10 day voyages on the 44 metre Australian brigantine Young Endeavour. An Australian trainee, funded by the Australia-Britain Society (New South Wales), travels to the UK and sails on board an ASTO member's square-rigger. The return ticket for the UK to Australia Exchange is open, giving the opportunity for extended travel, either prior to, or on completion of your voyage. All travel and subsistence before or after your exchange will be at your own expense.

The Canadian scheme is funded by the James Myatt Trust and is similar to the Australian scheme although the travel is organised for the purpose of the exchange only. This scheme usually funds two young people from the UK. The Canadian scheme is suitable for younger applicants but you'll still find yourself in a position of responsiblity on board.

All the exchange voyages normally take place during the summer, dependent on school, university or work commitments. We work with the successfull applicants to find suitable dates.

So, are you eligible for this fantastic opportunity?

Criteria for Participation

To be eligible to participate, all applicants:

Must have participated in more than one voyage on a UK Sail Training vessel within two years prior to your application.
Must be a British citizen.
Must be aged between 18 and 25 years (at the date of voyage).
Your application must be supported by an ASTO member organisation.
Must produce an illustrated report of about 400 words, upon your return, of your exchange experience, suitable for publication by ASTO.
Must be prepared to speak about your experience at an ASTO or ASTO-member function.

If you would like to apply and would like more information - take a look at the illustrated reports from previous exchanges that can be downloaded from the "Past Exchange Reports" menu on top left.

OK, you meet the criteria - so here's how you apply:

In a letter to ASTO, explain why you feel you would be the best person to represent UK Sail Training overseas and why you should be selected for the Exchange. Include information about your Sail Training experience, your age and contact details. Also give contact details of the supporting organisation(s) whose vessel(s) you have sailed on. Don't forget to include your date of birth, e-mail address and mobile phone number. Send your application to ASTO marking the application 'International Exchange'.  

European Youth Opportunity

The Dutch organisation 'Windseeker' organises international youth Sail Training voyages around a maritime theme with activities on board and ashore. The aim is to get know each other and each other's cultures, varying from country presentations, Eurovision song contests to international dinners on board.

The voyages are made possible with a grant from the EU Program Erasmus+ and typically see 6 young people from the UK mix with trainees from Poland, Portugal, Germany and other European countries. If you would like to participate in one of these voyages please take a look at Windseeker and search for International Exchange.

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